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My Story

I used to think recycling plastic, paper and tin is the best way of being an eco-friendly citizen. When I was pregnant I was inspired by Claire Sancelot from Hong Kong Green Home as she had practically showed how to live towards a zero waste home. At that time since I was pregnant, the amount of panty liners I have been using was outrageous. Hence I was motivated to switch to washable Menstrual pads (the light flow ones) to substitute panty liners. It was economical to use these washable pads as well as the reducing them in dumping to the landfill; when you think about it, each panty liners takes about 500-800 years to decompose1! Then I started to switch to washable/cloth menstrual pads during my period, I have tired 4 different brands (the one I recommended is what is available my website). Later, I also learned and switch to about menstrual cups, bamboo toothbrushes, washable make up removal discs, handkerchief, stainless steel and bamboo straws and started trying them. Recently we have an additional member in our family and it will be a great time for me to redo what I need to improve :)


When I gave birth to my first son, I have learnt all the pro and cons of disposable diapers2and wipes4 and start switching them to the most traditional way…cloth diapers and cloth wipes. Our son uses 4 glass feeding bottle over the years he is now 3 and is still using them (instead of buying BPA free plastic feeding bottles which suggested to be replaced every 3 months4). My husband and I also learnt about commercial laundry detergent5 how it is harmful to the environment and to our young ones so we started to DIY our own detergent then our hand liquid soap, desensitizer, my son’s shampoo and bath liquid, feminine wash, toothpaste and there is a lot more in my list I would like to replace in the future.


My message is this simple, I wanted to share with you my method of an environmental and healthy life. It doesn’t requires a lot of energy and effort to do it, like me (honestly…I’ma lazy person), you can do it step by step. The ultimate goals is for you to feel healthier, meaningful, and happier while reducing waste in result of cost saving. Hopefully step by step, one day you and I will be working towards a zero waste home.



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